A soul singer (that_subwaysoul) wrote,
A soul singer

the new baby's name is Evangaline, she's beautiful in every way.

Sometimes, I stand in my hall-way with dust tickling my bare-feet, a feeling I absolutely hate, and I screaaaaam at the top of my lungs because it's that or fall down the stairs. head first.   

and If there's anything in this world that has salvaged my fleeting sanity and has saved my life along with any inch of self-respect I just might have: it's this stupid little blog right here. haha. It listens, and calms, and picks up all the little pieces and arranges them in a new way so I quit bitchin'. Already I'm feeling better.  And if you think I'm a complainer, then you've never met me, it just so happens that this is where I do it all, so don't judge me. Or do judge me, do whatever the Hell you want. I don't care.

And today is almost one of those days, it's nothing I can't bounce back from, but it involves one of my highest priorities, and for a minute I thought I lost it forever, and wanted to climb into a tree to never come back. 

Yet, things ALWAYS have a way of working out, and I can't help to believe in miracles and mysteries and the like. Sometimes. 
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I'm so glad you're one of my LiveJournal friends.
I am also the same as you. LJ does help sometimes.