A soul singer (that_subwaysoul) wrote,
A soul singer

if Stanford had hair he really would be adorable.

I am over le slump, and even if i'm not, i'm going to fake it till I make it baby, haha.

Can an olive branch come in the form of a bumber-sticker on facebook?
I think so..


Maybe I do drink too much coffee, I say that now as my heart beats a little faster than I'm comfortable with, and I glance at my pitiful wallet that proudly houses 5 cents, a crushed up cheerio, and a few sweet-and-low packets. I'm wasting my health and money on this little addiction, but sweet lawd above, I really need it. I'll go ahead and say it, I have an extremely addictive personality, and if I wasn't an opera singer i'd probably smoke a pack a day.

 Hahahah, anyvay, today was semi-wasted by knocking around Redbank all day, which lead to nothing but incredible coffee consumption and a newfound respect for Indian people, please don't ask...
I realized that g-rock is usually hit or miss, some people in new-age stores lie for attention, and most importantly, and I know I must say this a billion and two times a day, I realize that I am really getting ready for a new awesome change in my life. It may include daily lj posts about my day! hahah, but it probably won't.

I have awesome friends. I have horrible friends. All of them are important and have significance, in all their varied forms.  Some people curl my toes. I regard some in high-esteem, yet now understand fully well they've never done anything to deserve such revere and have too much support and adoration. That may sound kinda dick, but if you really knew the whole truth you'd believe me. I know people that can't get over their sadness or themselves, that use and abuse, and don't realize they're not the only ones who are dealing with shit. I could be directly talking about you, or I could be talking about myself. Think what you want to think, go where you want to go my friend. :P

So, I got into a musical theatre program that takes 20 people, and I ended up getting into all the schools I auditioned for. Go figure. Lol, I can be a crazy bitch sometimes. I spend too much time thinking, and proving myself to people when I'm really just proving myself to myself, and it gets in the way of things. I just need to get away from everyone I know and focus on this inner realm of emotion... that's the money shot.

i may actually go to bed right now. peace and love. =D
I want to swim in a lava lamp..
no i'm not high.

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