A soul singer (that_subwaysoul) wrote,
A soul singer

in that intricate moment, with a stranger.

I hope that everyone's summer is so consuming and bold that you're physically unable to find a second to write about it. 

I was unjustifiably upset the day someone read a few adverse sentences here, and attempted to berate me with it, in this passive-aggressive, cowardly fashion. I said it's my personal scrap of Internet, and I have a right to use it without fear of an lj-fashioned-witchhunt, and was then told that I shouldn't be posting so freely.. then. 
Well, despite my personal respect for what people discharge, I now realize that not everyone shares my same view, and I have been taking this all into consideration.    

So anyway, summer.. no school no stress. 

all this free time, although filled with the beach, summer reading, and a seemingly endless string of graduation parties) is giving me a lot of stress-free think time. And I've been thinking so much about everything and everyone, and I feel like, well, a stupid ass. I was immature and childish for thinking anyone bought anything I used to say about myself. it makes me blush really. Yes, a part of it is my environment, and I did what I felt was right, and I needed to adapt and meld into the surroundings, but I'm over that and I kind of want to release.  I need to stop writing in hieroglyphics because I'm afraid you'll know too much. You've always known. I need to accept that.    

So, for the people I love, or whom I trust, rather, I want to tell you everything. I don't want to be everything i'm against, someone who hides in their malformaties expecting people to think it's acceptable. 

So, I will be editing my friends-list, custom-friendsing it, and for any post that matters, making it friends only. And I'll start writing what I've wanted to say for a long time now.

you'll never be alone again..
you're more than in my head. 
you're more.
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