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This is simply a post that i will hopefully use to look back on years from now to jog my memory. I'll pretty much be restating facts, with very little flare. 

Sat: So Saturday, Caitlin rescued me after a long day of work and took me to the Boardwalk to meet her actor friend Doug, who she "knew" i would love. I hate those situations.. because of my deep-seated fear of driving amongst the crazy-memorial-day-weekend-NewYorkers, she picked me up at a middle-ground location, which is apparently Howell High School, and we were then on the beach in a jiffy.
We were, sadly, complete asses and did the whole Ski-ball, kazoo buying,
Arcade thing.. But i rationalized that pretty soon the beach would be teeming with tourists, and this just might be my only opportunity.
Then we ran into some people and chilled on the beach.

Sunday: my cousin's wedding. Oh, Alexis. how I love that girl. She is one of the most driven people I've ever met, the type of woman who could buy and sell you faster than you can say "attorney at law". She lives on Park. and finally, finally married Mike after 14 long years and one very lengthy conversation to Judaism, which was just one her requirements for the man. Sadly the wedding wasn't in
Manhattan, but I adjusted to the Sea-view Marriot they had booked just fine. It was amazing, I cannot describe. Every inch of the wedding was spectacular, and the band! They had this mind-blasting, live band that perfectly matched every genre they attempted. I mean, it ranged from Frank Sinatra, to Nelly, to the Cotton-eyed-joy.. which never happens with a live band. You're normally forced to hum along with the few songs they can kind of make out, and it's rarely pretty.  

The best part of the wedding was seeing all of my family for the first time in years. They've spread out across the country, and my uncle and Aunt and their kids seemed like complete strangers. They moved to Vegas, and I forgot how much personality they had. The type of people who love jokes and music and great food, the ones who don't eat sushi, but admire people who do.  My cousin in L.A  (who I think I've met once in my life) was there, and apparently she went back to school for interior design when the last time I checked she was working for Animal Planet. It's sad to not be around them. Maybe I'm just spoiled because everyone on my mom's side still live in Belmar or 
Jersey City, and I can never get away from them. But i see now that it's a good thing. It's really good, and I'd much rather be smothered by the people I love over never even hearing from them. 
The next day we all had an amazingly posh brunch, and said our goodbyes. I got home and worked, of course, (while running into Caitlin ;D) and came home to the loud, crazy, place I call home.

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